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1. Non-affixed in-suite furniture may be moved within each section of the suite. DO NOT “drag” any furniture as it will causes damage. Please note that a lot of the furniture is vintage and, while durable, we request that you handle with love and care. No standing or climbing on furniture.

2. If additional time is desired during the Rental Duration, the Client must book this via the online booking portal, inclusive of fee, pending Studio availability.


3. All additional props, equipment, etc. must be reserved at time of booking.


4. Please park towards the rear of the building to minimize possibility of vehicle entering into view of photoshoots.


5. Damages to the space, furniture or equipment in any way will result in a damage fee. Client shall inspect and notify Lessor immediately of any damage in the Studio at the start of the rental.


6. Music/voices are to be kept at reasonable levels and the doors closed at all times.


7. No smoking inside and/or on the Studio property.


8. Rental time starts and ends at reservation time. This includes any and all setup and clean-up. Extensive overage fees shall apply.


9. Stay within the space rented and do not wander or try to open any other doors.


10. Minimize traffic through front exterior if “exterior add-on” not selected.


11. Minors must be chaperoned at all times.


12. Be sure all exterior doors are locked upon completion of your reservation


13. No pets allowed unless previously given special approval. Pets must be leashed and chaperoned at all times. We kindly ask that they remain off of furniture and are cleaned up after if anything left behind.


14. All small and/or hard to clean material ie confetti/ sand/ body glitter or oil/ glitter/ smoke bombs/ etc. are prohibited. Damage fees apply.


15. No food, or alcohol allowed unless previously given special approval.

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