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The Muse Manor offers an elegant rentable studio space filled with natural light, moody accents and a variety of stunning props. This 1940's charming home boasts three separate suites that photographers and or families can rent to capture stunning photos.  Each suite has a variety of different sets, such as our signature fleur wall, and pampas parlor, but also an electric paper backdrop system, queen sized bed, a fully working stunning claw foot tub and so much more!  Each suite is intentionally named after Greek goddesses - Calliope, Kleio and Thalia- as they encompass all that we believe a 'muse' to be: empowered, creative and free to be their own source of inspiration. We also offer memberships for our photographers and themed holiday and seasonal sets perfect to capture beautiful photos throughout the year.  Whether you are a photographer looking to capture incredible imagery or a creative wanting to host your next workshop or event, we invite you to utilize The Muse Manor as your creative canvas and encourage you to #BEYOUROWNMUSE.

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Mon - Fri 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Sat - Sun 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Tours (available by appointment only): Fridays at 8:30 AM

Be your own muse


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